evooom is a bilingual (English/Japanese) multi-functional creative agency based in Los Angeles. Our Team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to get the needed job done and provide a wide range of services (Graphic design, Contents writing & Translating, Market research, Media) to fit with each customer’s need.

Takahiro Yamauchi


Takahiro Yamauchi

May, 2015

evooom | President

May, 2015

Lucis, Inc. | President

January, 2015

La Bra Dining | Graphic Designer, Marketing Director

October, 2013

Japanese Information Magazine | Editor in Chief, Web Director

September, 2012

Japanese Information Magazine | Art Director, Graphic Designer

November, 2009

Lighthouse Hawaii | Art Director, Graphic Designer

October, 2005

Lighthouse | Graphic Designer

May, 2003

Digital Hollywood Institute of Media Arts | “MAYA” Certificate, “3ds Max” Certificate

April, 2002

ID Inc. | Graphic Designer, System Administrator

April, 1994

Chuo Packaging Co., Ltd. | Graphic Designer, System Administrator

March, 1994

Graduated from Chiba Institute of Technology | Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.), Industrial Design